A story for today

Once a Smoker was smoking at the airport.........

A gentleman came & asked him, "How much do you smoke a day?"

Smoker: "Why are you asking such question?"

Gentleman replied: "If you had collected that money instead of smoking,
the plane which is in front of you, would have been

Smoker asked that gentleman: "Do you smoke?"

Gentleman: "No".

Smoker asked: "Does that plane belong to you?"

Gentleman replied: "No."

Smoker: "Thanks for your kind advice, but that plane is mine."

Moral of the Story:- Unnecessary advice is injurious to health

I wish to bake this tomorrow!

Hi guys! I'm currently addicted to this channel: Nicko's Kitchen. It has variety how-to recipes for pies,tarts,cookies, and the list goes on. I could spend hours of watching cooking videos on YouTube such as this one! Well at the moment, I just couldn't resist the tasty-looking pie (I'm sure it's tasty-tasting too!lol =D -- you can tell by the orgasm sounds made by Nicko when he's tasting the pie! damnn.haha!) Lemon Meringue Pie, I'm definitely making you tomorrow! Okay guys,enjoy the show ya! I'll post up the photos once I've tried it out. Ciao :D

Heading New Life of Twenty Eleven

Well hello everyone. This is obviously my first blog for 2011, a bit late, but still in january. I hope it isn't too late to wish you guys happy new year! How did ya'll celebrate new year? I have the common celebration at home. Fb-ing on my bed like there's nothing special going on. Unlike those or most of you guys, watching fireworks, counting the seconds on the big old clock at Dataran etc etc etc. boring. I prefer the loser way of celebrating. DO NOTHING.

So, what's new on this new year's new month of january? Wow.that is a lot of 'new' words for new year. Hurm..to me there's nothing much going on. applied few boring jobs online without putting any hopes that the employer will hire me. Really, it's just for the sake of applying coz you know; most of my friends are busy searching for a job and i'm just following the flow. Hahah. No lahh..I need a job too! Tired of sitting at home, going out for no-fun-view sight seeing, visiting grandmommy, baking cakes+ pastries while successfully gaining more weight. *sigh

Anyways, I actually got a news. Not so good, but exciting, coz it might be the first climb to my very own career! Not one but two calls from two different companies in one day! Can you believe that? suddenly i feel my lucky stone has started to shine. ngaa. Well, first interview tomorrow, at jalan ampang. Sgt nervous! aiyak. The next day which is Friday at Sunway, one more to go. Can't believe this is actually happening to me. Am i really about to be hired?Coz I'm not actually prepared. I haven't got enough sweet time catching my winks and the most important is, I haven't finished cooking all the intriguing dishes on my to-cook-list! Hehe. Not really, I'm actually very grateful for these opportunities given to me. Thank you Lord. I love You. *cries

But hey, what about the plan of furthering my studies? Hmm.. I'm not really sure about that, maybe i'll just fill in the forms first, got or not later i tell lah hor. hahah

What else?Hmm I think that's it for tonight, I'm in excited mood but you know, I'm not the type who'll post every single news on Fb's status. Kinda shy, really. :P so guys, please pray for me that i'll get any two of the jobs. And wish me luck! I'll update later about the interviews. :D